Ease Your Stress with a Neck Massage from Healing Kneads Massage Therapy in Lake Mary, Florida

Ease Your Stress with a Neck Massage from Healing Kneads Massage Therapy in Lake Mary, Florida

Sometimes there is nothing that can ease your stress and calm you down quite as easily as a neck massage.

The spine and the neck seems to be the area of the body where most of the stress and tension that you build up during the day decides to rest, so those are the areas of the body that need the most attention during a massage. While it’s nice to get a massage from someone close to you every now and then, you should actually try and get a professional massage from Healing Kneads Massage Therapy in Lake Mary, Florida to help you out from time to time.

A professional neck massage can do wonders for your stress levels and self-esteem because you will finally be able to relax and clear your head for once.

It’s hard to concentrate on your work and happiness when your body is aching all the time and a massage at least once per week should really be a regular thing that people should do. If you do not get a massage on a regular basis then you should think about changing that point of view as quickly as possible.

The main benefit that you get from a massage is a lower amount of stress but what people don’t realize sometimes is that this can have after effects on other problems you may be having.

There are a lot of problems in the body that are related to stress, so it’s important to have the least amount of stress possible during all hours of the day.

What can a neck massage do for you?

If you are like most people then you probably reach a certain point in the workday where tensions get to be too high and you can’t seem to concentrate on your work.

While this is sometimes caused by a lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body, it can also be caused by stress building up in the body. To make sure that you can power through your entire workday, you should make sure you eat a fully healthy breakfast and perhaps get a neck massage during the middle of the day.

You can actually call in our licensed massage therapists to come to your office and help you out while you work, so you can save time not having to drive to our Lake Mary massage therapy office.

Our office is always better for creating a relaxing atmosphere, but you also need to make sure that you can have time to get your work done during the day. The key to happiness in life is finding a nice balance between work and pleasure during the day.

Increase your productivity

Some companies actually offer to pay for massages for their employees because they want to make sure their productivity always remains relatively high. You should try getting a neck massage today and see how it makes you feel when it is over.

The History of Deep Tissue Massage

The History of Deep Tissue Massage

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians were the first to discover the healing power of massage. By the late 1800s, the concept was adopted in Canada and in the United States. Deep tissue massage was used for decades throughout both countries, but solid guidelines and procedures weren’t established until the mid 1900s.

A Canadian doctor, Therese Phimmer, is credited with establishing deep tissue massage. Her book, Muscles-Your Invisible Bonds, became the cornerstone of the treatment and served as a how-to manual for many of the first massage therapists. Phimmer says she used a daily regimen of deep tissue massages to cure paralysis in her legs. Her personal experience and detailed book gave her the momentum needed to open her own clinic in 1949.

Phimmer encouraged slow, long strokes to work stress out of the body. Gentle but firm pressure is applied to problems areas or knotted muscles. This kind of massage is designed to reach deeper than a Swedish massage. A massage therapist may use their thumbs, fists or elbows to apply pressure and unlock tension trapped deep beneath the skin’s surface.

While firm pressure is applied, a deep tissue massage should never hurt. Feel free to ask us any questions before making an appointment.Call and make your appointment today.

The Top 3 Methods to Release Chronic Pain: Meditation, Massage and Nutrition

The Top 3 Methods to Release Chronic Pain: Meditation, Massage and Nutrition

There’s a variety of ways to battle chronic pain. While modern science tends to encourage people to take pills, there are more natural ways to manage pain. In some cases, people incorporate natural pain relief methods with traditional medicine. The trick to pain management is finding a recipe that works for you. If you’re interested in learning about natural ways to handle pain, check out these three methods below:


By quieting the mind and body, studies show meditation can offer patients a way to control pain. Mindfulness meditation, where a person focuses on feelings and sensations, can help decrease stress and pain. There are differing schools of thought on the proper ways to meditate, but if you’re interested you can research and find the one that is right for you.


Massage therapy focuses on a whole body approach to pain. If you suffer from chronic back pain, we will certainly spend some time easing those muscles, but the cause of your pain is likely stemming from other parts of your body. By focusing on the whole body and not just the site of the pain, patients become more aware of their body and where the pain stems from.


If you’re carrying around excess weight, chronic pain may be a side effect. If you’re looking to drop a few pounds and alleviate pain, talk with a nutritionist about eating healthy. You’ll want to incorporate an exercise plan into your daily routine as well.

Why More Professional Sports Teams Are Hiring Massage Therapists

Why More Professional Sports Teams Are Hiring Massage Therapists

It’s not just the coaches and trainers helping athletes from the sidelines anymore, massage therapists are now joining the ranks. An increasing number of professional sports teams are adding a massage therapist to the payroll. What’s the benefit to having a trained masseuse on hand to treat an athlete? Here’s a quick look at a few reasons.

Improved recovery time

Sports are physical, there’s no way around it. At some point during an athlete’s career, they’re going to be injured. From pulled muscles to broken bones, any injury can take a player away from the game. A massage therapist can ease the strained throwing arm of a pitcher or improve blood flow in the shoulders of a linebacker. Studies show these kinds of treatments can improve recovery time and get the athlete back to the field faster.


If there were a big game on the line, any coach would want his or her players relaxed. Massage is a great way to unwind before a game. Rather than letting adrenaline build up in the muscles and joints, a soothing Swedish massage can keep an athlete limber going into the game.

Specialized education

A massage therapist can now specialize in sports massage, which means the team benefits from the therapist’s detailed knowledge. They know how to treat injuries specific to athletes.

Sports massage isn’t just for multi-million dollar pro athletes, any athlete can seek the help of a trained therapist to help with athletic performance.

Tips on Managing Stress

Tips on Managing Stress

How To Manage Stress

By now most people know the negative effects that stress can have on your life and health. However, too many people continue to live extremely stressful lives on a daily basis thinking there is simply nothing they can do to manage their stress. They couldn’t be more wrong. Learning to manage stress is not only possible, but necessary for your health and your quality of life. Here are some tips that will help you manage your stress more effectively.

Identify Those Hidden Causes of Stress

Too many times we blame our stress on our jobs, traffic, other people and life in general, when the true cause of our stress is within ourselves. Most causes of stress are due to our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. For example, we may blame the pressure of our job for our stress, when in fact the hidden reason for that stress may be a tendency to put off everything until the last minute, and then rushing to complete projects on time. It isn’t the project or that job that is creating the stress, but your own work habits. Learning to identify the causes of your stress and then taking responsibility for that stress is the first step in learning to manage that stress.

Examine How You Currently Deal With Stress

One you identify the true cause of your stress, you now should examine how you currently deal with that stress and figure out why these coping mechanisms simply are not working. Do you simply put your head in the sand and keep telling yourself things will eventually get better? Do you simply try and sleep away the problem or zone out in front of the television set instead of seeking a way to actually deal with the problem? If so, then you need to change the way your deal with stressful situations.

Positive Ways of Dealing With Stress

Finding positive ways of dealing with stress, will help you manage those stress levels more effectively. Here are some positive ways of dealing with stressful situations.

Avoidance- While you can’t avoid every stressful situation, you can certainly avoid some of them. If you find yourself becoming stressed driving through heavy traffic on your way to work, then try taking less traveled route, or leaving a bit earlier so that you don’t feel rushed. If large crowds stress you out, then try doing your shopping on week days when the crowds are thinner, or try shopping online. Avoiding those stressful situations whenever possible, will help to reduce those anxiety levels, and lower your blood pressure.

Focus on the Positive- Another way to manage stress efficiently, is to focus on the positive rather than negative. By viewing what is good about a situation rather than seeing only the bad, you are better able to deal with whatever situation comes up without feeling stressed and upset.

Make Time For Relaxation

One of the best ways to manage stress is to actually make a bit of time to relax every day. Try taking a brief walk after dinner, or a relaxing bubble bath. Turn off that upsetting news channel and read an interesting book or listen to music. Schedule a massage once a week and allow yourself to be pampered.

A therapeutic massage not only allows you to relax, but actually helps to relax those tense muscles and promotes a feeling a well being.

Managing stress is all about learning to control your own feelings and reactions to the world around you rather than letting the world control your feelings and actions.