About Healing Kneads Massage

We are proud to provide expert, compassionate, and professional massage therapy services to our community. Our approach to wellness is a holistic one, and we treat each client as they truly are: unique. We are unique ourselves in that we value our clients very much, and are extremely results and client focused. We listen to our clients, customize each and every session to meet YOUR wellness goals, and perform full 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Ashlaye Dumas, Licensed Massage Therapist

Ashlaye Dumas, Licensed Massage Therapist

MA 70663

Manual Lymph Drainage Certified
Level 2 Reiki practitioner

Ashlaye is a well-traveled Florida native, dog mom, and an AldiNerd. She graduated from Florida College of Natural Health and has been practicing massage for nine years. She enjoys traveling, yoga, and spending time with her dogs Joseph and Jolie.

Since graduating, she spent three years alongside a neurologist working to help motor vehicle accident and slip and fall patients recover from pain through different therapies, including massage. Along with medical, she spent time working in spas, resorts, conventions, government, and major corporation settings.

Frequently described as caring and nurturing by clients, Ashlaye works with both intuition and skill to help clients return to wellness. She has helped clients with many issues, including headaches, anxiety, back pain, and chronic pain.
She is licensed by the Florida Department of Health, and holds certifications in Sports Massage, KT Taping, cupping, MLD, and Reiki.

Her vision is to help promote healing and wellness through therapeutic massage with professionalism and competence. Using a holistic approach to her work, she fully attends and customizes each session to her clients’ needs and interests, interweaving clear presence and practiced skill.
Those looking for relief from chronic pain, stress & anxiety, or looking to improve your self care routine, she is able to help you meet your goals. Ashlaye is experienced in Swedish, Neuromuscular, Cupping, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, Graston Technique, and is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner.

Recent Google Reviews:

Stephanie Szalapski
9 weeks ago
“I have been seeing Ashlaye, almost weekly for 2 months for both reiki and massage! She has helped me immensely with my stress, aches and pains as well as my overall well-being. I work a stressful job and Ashlaye’s energy work helps me remain centered. I highly recommend her services.”

Laura Ellerbe, Licensed Massage Therapist

Laura Ellerbe, Licensed Massage Therapist

MA 68679

Lymphedema Therapist
Graston Technique Practitioner

Laura taught business electives for Orange County Public Schools before taking the leap of faith and changing careers. After graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 2012 and becoming licensed, Healing Kneads Massage was born. She has been providing wellness services to Lake Mary ever since. Being born and raised in Sanford, she is happy to continue to be part of the community she grew up in. She is passionate about helping people find true balance and health amidst the stresses of life. She believes in the mind body connection, and believes every body has the potential for wellness and balance. She has helped clients manage various chronic issues but is most proud of helping breast cancer survivors return to normal life after cancer treatment.

She is licensed by the Florida Department of Health, and holds certifications in Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, cupping, the Graston Technique, and neuromuscular massage.

Recent Google Client review:

Tom Skemp
10 weeks ago

“A note of thanks and recommendation for Laura and Healing Kneads Massage, LLC. Laura is an excellent massage therapist. I would not be able to do my daily workouts and weight lifting program if not for weekly massages from Laura. She does not use a “cookie cutter” approach but rather listens to my concerns and focuses on them. I appreciate her willingness to expand her practice to include cupping and the use of Graston tools in addition to normal massage. I have benefited from all of them. With her continuing help I know I will be able to continue my aggressive workouts while dealing with chronic shoulder and leg issues. Thank you Laura!!!”

Thomas Allman, Licensed Massage Therapist

Thomas Allman, Licensed Massage Therapist

MA 91438

Sports Massage
Myofascial Release

Thomas brings his passion for health and healing into his massage and bodywork practice. A 4.0 GPA graduate of Cortiva Institutes’ 750HR Massage Therapy Program, he received instruction in a wide range of Eastern and Western massage modalities. Along with the certification by the Department of Health as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Thomas is also certified by the Yoga Alliance as a 500HR CYT (certified yoga teacher). His massage style has developed over the years to be a perfect blending of his yoga and massage practices.

Continuing Education is a crucial part of being a skilled massage therapist. Since graduation from Cortiva Institute Thomas has continued his massage studies to include: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point/Neuromuscular Therapy, Cupping and has certification in Sports Massage and Bamboo massage. Having a variety of “tools” in his “massage tool box” allows him to help clients who are having soft tissue/muscular complaints. He has helped many clients in reducing their pain who were suffering from: headaches, neck and back pain, hip pain, frozen shoulder, and other soft tissue ailments. His goal is to have clients experience a positive outcome during every therapy session.

“As a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) I always keep in mind that massage isn’t something I do to someone, it is something I do with someone. Creating an awareness around what my clients are doing that is contributing towards any dysfunction they’re experiencing, is always going to be the most helpful tool I have. Because just like being human; awareness is the first step towards change.”

Recent Google Review:

Nancy Coghill
Thomas was excellent in helping me to recover from a sports injury that left me in so much pain! He has a true understanding of anatomy and relationships between muscles, tissues. What a difference it has made for me! Each time I go I am feeling better and better.