Graston Technique is one of the specialized services we offer at Healing Kneads Massage Therapy in Lake Mary, Florida. Graston is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that uses smooth, metal instruments to break down scar tissue. Want to see a demo? Check out the video below.

What is Graston Technique? Who is it for? Does it hurt? While it may sound strange, here are 3 reasons to add it to your next massage. 

Helps You Recover Faster from Injury

There is a reason professional athletes and fitness gurus love Graston: It helps people recover faster from injuries. The instruments used break down scar tissue and reduce restrictions in the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments). This technique gets results fast, especially when used as part of your treatment plan alongside other therapies.

Graston may look intense, but it’s only firm, not painful. In addition to healing faster, it has actually been shown to reduce pain from injury. 

Can Help You Manage Chronic Conditions

Many conditions that cause chronic pain, like carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and cervical strain, cause restrictions in the body’s soft tissue. Restrictions cause pain and limit movement. By reducing restriction and allowing the body to move more freely, Graston Technique can decrease your pain and help you live a more active, happy life!

Graston Technique Can Be Combined with Most Types of Massage

This is the best part: While Graston Technique can be performed alone, it is even better when combined with other massage techniques! At Healing Kneads Massage Therapy, all of our massages are customized to help you meet your goals for being healthier, whatever they are! Learn about some of the techniques we incorporate here.

Ready to give Graston Technique a try? Click here to schedule a 60- or 90-minute customized massage session.