Before I was a massage therapist, I was a business instructor for the Orange County public schools. I know, it’s quite a big difference! At the time, I was feeling burned out and depressed and I knew I needed to make a big change in my life.

Leaving a stressful job and going to massage school was fueled by my interest in health and wellness, but it was also the first step in taking charge of my own wellness. Through my own health challenges, I learned that we are able to make choices that can help us lead healthy and fulfilling lives. It was a really powerful idea for me and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible!

Where did Healing Kneads Massage Therapy come from?

Healing Kneads was a concept I came up with while I was in massage school. I lived in an area where there were a lot of large massage establishments that provided massages that were fairly similar from client to client. Clients often saw their partnership with those practices as one-time or short-term.

I envisioned, instead, a practice that customized each session for each client. I wanted to get to the bottom of an individual’s health goals and figure out how integrating multiple massage techniques could help them achieve more long-term wellness. I wanted to be one of the choices my clients made to lead more healthy lives!

What is our team like?

When I created Healing Kneads, there were a few things I knew I wanted in a team of therapists:

  • Compassionate, caring team members who were willing to have conversations with clients about their goals. What would this client like to change? How would this client like to feel at the end of their session?
  • Experts who were trained in specialized types of massage, who could integrate a variety of techniques to create a unique massage experience for each client they worked with.
  • Professionals who valued the importance of continuing education and keeping their techniques evolving to bring the most value to our clients and community.

I handpicked each therapist who works at Healing Kneads to make sure I was building a team that fit my vision of a massage practice that could work with clients toward long-term wellness, with massage being one component of living their best lives.

Today I am blessed to see that team at work! Together, we have over 25 years of combined experience. Click here to learn more about our therapists.

How can we help you achieve wellness?

Each session starts with a conversation. Our therapists listen to the issues you are having, the things you want to change, and the whole picture of how you’d like wellness to look in your life.

From there, they choose the best techniques to incorporate into your massage session and they create a plan to move you toward your goals.

After your session, they make recommendations to help you reach your goals and get longer-lasting results from massage therapy.

If you are ready for a session with one of our team members, book your appointment here.