As Father’s Day comes around, I’ve been remembering a lot about my dad, and also about the power of intention. About whether what we do is more important than why we do it. And about whether the intentions behind our actions can sometimes change how those actions are perceived.

A lot of these thoughts were prompted by this photo. 

Obviously, at first glance, it is hilarious – a lovely joke that touches on the innocence of children and how they don’t necessarily see the world in the same way we do. 

This little girl just wanted to show her dad how much she loved him. She found what might well be one of his favorite things and wanted to get involved. She put her own stamp on it, and tried to get closer to him by being a part of something meaningful in his life – with hilarious and extremely awkward results!

This is quite clearly not a gift that anyone would want, but the intention behind it is lovely, and the gift of this girl’s feelings towards her dad is precious.

I hope her father wasn’t too angry!

But going beyond the obvious hilarity, this photo is a powerful demonstration of the importance of intention in our interactions with others.

People who love us don’t always get it right. We’re all human, and we certainly aren’t perfect. And sometimes things that we think are great, or just don’t even consider, can be seen as something else entirely by our loved ones.

People we love and who love us often say or do things that we don’t like. I’m sure that I’ve done things in my life to people I care about that they haven’t appreciated, even with the best intentions. 

Sometimes actions and words are hurtful or annoying and can leave us confused, angry, or just sad. But just like this little girl, when we are dealing with people we love and care for, it is always super important to consider intention.

Her intention was not to cause harm. In fact, quite the opposite, she was doing something she thought her dad would love. She was doing the best she could at this time of her life. 

So this Father’s Day, keep intention in mind. Even if you feel disappointed or let down by someone else, remember that they are likely to be trying their hardest and doing their best. Being less harsh on ourselves, and on others, might just be the best gift you can give this holiday.

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