If you’ve been on social media or YouTube and looked up a fitness video over the last couple of years, you’ve probably noticed a plethora of hand-held massage guns (percussive instruments) intended to aid athletes in their recovery, from either intense athletic training or just the stress and stiffness from working a 9-5.

Recovery is an important category of a healthy life. Incorporating recovery in your wellness routine helps to contribute to a healthy and happy life, both mentally and physically. It’s also often overlooked aspect of a personal fitness routine. Most weekend warriors and professional athletes are aware of the benefits of sports massage, but what would happen if you blend expert sports massage with percussive therapy?

What is Percussive Therapy? Why should it be part of my recovery?

Percussive therapy is manual therapy using a hand-held device, that is applied to the body part being treated. One difference between manual massage therapy and percussive therapy, is that percussion instruments can reach 60% deeper into the muscle, which provides deeper massage benefits. As you can see, adding percussion to your normal sports massage session can enhance your recovery, and hep you meet your performance goals. Percussion targets treatment areas by reaching deep enough into the muscle to increase the amount of blood flow and oxygen needed for optimum performance. Also, because percussive instruments touch and release the body several times a second, the brain does not acclimate to the stimulation, making the therapy session much more effective.

Benefits of Percussive Therapy:

– Decrease muscle soreness and stiffness, particularly post-activity
– Decrease lactic acid
– Improve range of motion
– Reduce pain in deep tissues
– Stimulate heat, blood flow, and oxygen
– Interrupt pain signals sent to the nervous system

If you’re ready to maximize your performance and enhance your recovery sessions, why not book a sports massage session that incorporates percussion therapy? Thomas Allman, LMT (MA91438) is certified in Sports Massage, and utilizes assistive and passive stretching, percussive therapy, and cupping to help sports-minded clients recover quickly and achieve their performance goals. Sessions can conveniently be done in your workout attire, so that therapy can be done post workout. If you’re serious about your goals, so are we!

How Sports Massage Can Help

At Healing Kneads, we use sports massage on all kinds of athletes, and a wide variety of sports and exercises. It can be used to improve flexibility, prevent injuries, and enhance performance both pre and post-event.

Healing Kneads Sports Massage

At Healing Kneads, we have an incredible new therapist, Thomas Allman, who specializes in sports massage. He has a passion for health and healing and has a wonderful massage style that combines Eastern and Western modalities, thanks to his experience as a certified yoga teacher.

Thomas is committed to making every client experience fantastic, going the extra mile to make our clients feel comfortable during every therapy session. As he puts it: ‘massage isn’t something I do to someone, it is something I do with someone.’

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Healing Kneads – we’ll be delighted to help you!

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