As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s common to remember Mom. This year, when I think of all the lessons I’ve learned from mine, I realized that much of what I’ve learned from her also helped to shape the type of woman leader and business owner I am as well. 

These are the lessons from Mom that carry over to Healing Kneads Massage:

  1. Set a good example. If you’ve have several jobs in your life, you most likely have had one boss in your mind that you’d consider a “bad boss”. This might be the boss that micromanaged, who didn’t trust you with projects and assignments, or who even belittled you in front of others during meetings. When I’ve experienced this as a teacher from administrators, I made a silent promise to myself to never abuse a leadership role if ever I had a chance. 

2. If you are a female leader in your organization, use your powers for good. Using your powers for good means to be kind and thoughtful to everyone, on and off your team. Work hard and be committed to your role as leader, but be open to feedback and encourage creativity and new ideas. You never know how many people will be helped by your words and actions! 

3. Maintain perspective. From publicly disagreeing with someone, or taking a text or email personally, just about anyone can succumb to letting their emotions get the upper hand. However, rather than letting frustrating moments push you over the edge, realize that people have different experiences, different points of reference, and different triggers. Their behavior doesn’t reflect upon you, and nothing should be taken personally. Focus on your response, rather than your impulsive reaction. 

Realize what the priority is and what is not, then handle it smoothly and calmly, with consideration for everyone involved. If you practice this, you’ll soon come to realize that what initially seemed infuriating was nothing at all to get worked up about. Continue this practice, set a good example for your team, and be seen positively as a result. This will allow you to be seen as a true professional, and empower others to emulate your behavior.

4. Be yourself, and don’t try to be what others want you to be. You don’t need to be quiet when you know you should speak up, or act a certain way to blend in and be liked. You should not have to hide your unique attributes, that make up your personality, to do well in business. Beyond being yourself, you shouldn’t try to fit the mold of what others want you to be. Embrace what makes you different in this world, and realize those qualities as strengths, not weaknesses. Let those differences, quirks, whatever you want to call it, guide you forward. Do that, and soon you’ll see others empowered to do the same, to think outside of the box. Chase your passions and the things that bring you joy in life, beyond work. By focusing on yourself and your own growth, you’ll be better equipped to help others who need your support and guidance.

5. Find the support you need, and ask for help when you need it. Nothing about running a business is easy. Part of running a sustainable business is surrounding yourself with people who  you can lean on for inspiration, guidance, and education. Understanding your weaknesses and where you need help is a sign of strength in business. There are lots of things I’m not good at, and luckily, I have the right people around me to fill in those gaps. The right business coaches, marketing experts, financial advisors,  teachers, and great staff  have made a huge difference in my business. 

Thank you Mom for your love, comfort, and encouragement, for helping to make me the woman, and business owner I am today. 

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Laura is the founder of Healing Kneads. She graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 2012 and is passionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life, and relief from the pains that show up in their bodies because of that stress. She believes in the mind-body connection and believes every body has the potential for wellness and balance. Laura has helped clients with various issues, including neck and jaw pain, headaches, Lipedema, and Lymphedema.

She is licensed by the Florida Department of Health, and holds certifications in Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, cupping, and neuromuscular massage.