How To Manage Stress

By now most people know the negative effects that stress can have on your life and health. However, too many people continue to live extremely stressful lives on a daily basis thinking there is simply nothing they can do to manage their stress. They couldn’t be more wrong. Learning to manage stress is not only possible, but necessary for your health and your quality of life. Here are some tips that will help you manage your stress more effectively.

Identify Those Hidden Causes of Stress

Too many times we blame our stress on our jobs, traffic, other people and life in general, when the true cause of our stress is within ourselves. Most causes of stress are due to our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. For example, we may blame the pressure of our job for our stress, when in fact the hidden reason for that stress may be a tendency to put off everything until the last minute, and then rushing to complete projects on time. It isn’t the project or that job that is creating the stress, but your own work habits. Learning to identify the causes of your stress and then taking responsibility for that stress is the first step in learning to manage that stress.

Examine How You Currently Deal With Stress

One you identify the true cause of your stress, you now should examine how you currently deal with that stress and figure out why these coping mechanisms simply are not working. Do you simply put your head in the sand and keep telling yourself things will eventually get better? Do you simply try and sleep away the problem or zone out in front of the television set instead of seeking a way to actually deal with the problem? If so, then you need to change the way your deal with stressful situations.

Positive Ways of Dealing With Stress

Finding positive ways of dealing with stress, will help you manage those stress levels more effectively. Here are some positive ways of dealing with stressful situations.

Avoidance- While you can’t avoid every stressful situation, you can certainly avoid some of them. If you find yourself becoming stressed driving through heavy traffic on your way to work, then try taking less traveled route, or leaving a bit earlier so that you don’t feel rushed. If large crowds stress you out, then try doing your shopping on week days when the crowds are thinner, or try shopping online. Avoiding those stressful situations whenever possible, will help to reduce those anxiety levels, and lower your blood pressure.

Focus on the Positive- Another way to manage stress efficiently, is to focus on the positive rather than negative. By viewing what is good about a situation rather than seeing only the bad, you are better able to deal with whatever situation comes up without feeling stressed and upset.

Make Time For Relaxation

One of the best ways to manage stress is to actually make a bit of time to relax every day. Try taking a brief walk after dinner, or a relaxing bubble bath. Turn off that upsetting news channel and read an interesting book or listen to music. Schedule a massage once a week and allow yourself to be pampered.

A therapeutic massage not only allows you to relax, but actually helps to relax those tense muscles and promotes a feeling a well being.

Managing stress is all about learning to control your own feelings and reactions to the world around you rather than letting the world control your feelings and actions.