Ancient Greeks and Egyptians were the first to discover the healing power of massage. By the late 1800s, the concept was adopted in Canada and in the United States. Deep tissue massage was used for decades throughout both countries, but solid guidelines and procedures weren’t established until the mid 1900s.

A Canadian doctor, Therese Phimmer, is credited with establishing deep tissue massage. Her book, Muscles-Your Invisible Bonds, became the cornerstone of the treatment and served as a how-to manual for many of the first massage therapists. Phimmer says she used a daily regimen of deep tissue massages to cure paralysis in her legs. Her personal experience and detailed book gave her the momentum needed to open her own clinic in 1949.

Phimmer encouraged slow, long strokes to work stress out of the body. Gentle but firm pressure is applied to problems areas or knotted muscles. This kind of massage is designed to reach deeper than a Swedish massage. A massage therapist may use their thumbs, fists or elbows to apply pressure and unlock tension trapped deep beneath the skin’s surface.

While firm pressure is applied, a deep tissue massage should never hurt. Feel free to ask us any questions before making an appointment.Call and make your appointment today.