Massage and Neck Pain

For people with chronic tightness and soreness in their neck and shoulders, massage therapy can provide relief. I find in my practice that many people carry stress and tension between their shoulder blades. When stressed, it’s common for us to contract our shoulders. Sometimes clients describe their shoulders as moving towards their ears. This gets worse by more stress, or improper posture. Driving or sitting for long times at the computer can also aggravate neck and shoulder pain.

Muscle and Scar Tissue Pain

People often describe knots as the source of their pain. If you’ve had a particular hard week at work or home, these knots begin to get tighter and cause more pain. This muscle pain begins to radiate from the knots to the head or shoulder. This tightness sometimes goes down their back, or into the lower body.

These knots cause the muscles to get shorter than normal, which eventually puts stress on joints. These shortened muscles start to pull on the joints, putting stress on them. These shortened muscles and stressed joints change normal movements, which aggravates and injures joints. Many tension headaches and migraine headaches develop this way.

Massage Therapy Decreases Neck & Shoulder Pain

Massage therapy is effective in decreasing the size of these knots, and prevents it from getting worse, and from affecting more parts of your body. Massage breaks up these adhesions and scar tissue. This is why massage therapy is recommended to treat muscle pain, neck pain, and back pain.

These knots if left untreated, can affect how the scapula moves. A good massage therapist will work on increasing the range of motion of the scapula, and will work on the adhesions under the scapula. A good massage therapist will also address your chest muscles, as they are often being pulled as a result of the tension on the front of the body.

Massage therapy is an effective and safe treatment for neck and shoulder pain. Massage helps to break up adhesions and scar tissue that has accumulated from daily stress and strain. Many people feel the benefits of massage in one or two sessions. Often, headaches are alleviated during the session.