Most people think of massage as something they get when they want to feel pampered or else something that helps reduce pain. However, not everyone realizes that scheduling regular massages can actually help you to live a healthier life. Here are just some ways that massage helps you stay well, or increases wellness.

Reduces Stress

Long term stress can have many negative effects on your health. Stress has been linked to high blood pressure, obesity, and even anxiety attacks all which can affect your health and lower your quality of life. However, massage is known to help relieve stress not only by relaxing those knotted painful muscles and making it easy to get some restful sleep, but also simply by allowing your body and in turn your mind to relax relieving some of that constant stress.

When people feel stressed their blood vessel narrow, which often leads to headaches, and muscle aches. In addition, many people feel anxious when they are stressed and overeat trying to overcome the anxiety and depression they feel which can lead to obesity and further increase your risk of high blood pressure.

However, a massage improves circulation and gets that oxygen carrying blood to flow through your veins bringing with it not only a reduction in tense muscles, but helping to relax the entire body and bring about feeling of well being. Many people have reported not feeling stressed for hours or even a days after a massage, and the less stressed you feel the less that stress is going to impact your eating and your health.

Enhances Energy

In addition to relieving stress, a massage actually enhances energy and the more energy the have the more likely it is that you will want to be active and get in some exercise which has health benefits all it’s on. So getting a good massage, can actually help you to have the energy to do what you need to do to increase fitness levels and the fitter you are the more healthy you are.

Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion

People who suffer from arthritis and other joint problems often live in pain and become less active simply because movement is difficult and often painful. Massages can do a great deal to help people with arthritis live a more active lifestyle in a number of ways. First by improving circulation, a massage may help to reduce some of the inflammation around those affected joints thus reducing the pain and simply making the arthritic person feel better general. Second, regular massage can help the arthritic patient to achieve greater flexibility and more range of motion will allow them do more things which will also make them feel better in general. The increased activity will also help them to stay more fit and simply enjoy life more.

While getting a regular massage may not cure your problems, or make you healthy in and of itself, it can provide you with many benefits that if taken advantage of can lead you to living a healthier life both now and in the future.